Executive coach, Patricia Conlon, helping businesses to work on vision, strategy and ultimately success
Patricia Conlon, Executive Coach and CEO of Clarity

Patricia is an Executive Coach, Workplace Strategist & Communications Expert.

Patricia’s strength is her ability to create an awareness of what an individual’s footprint as a Leader or as a member of a team is. The impact of behaviours within teams which can lead to success or contribute to team dysfunction. Patricia works with individuals to create an awareness of their own personal working styles, communication styles, limiting beliefs and personal coping strategies. She helps clients access clarity in their decisions, finding strategies to facilitate personal transformation.

Areas of expertise: Leadership Development, Team and Organisational Dynamics, Behavioural Change, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Resilience.

Interested in working with an Executive Coach?

  • Do you have an ongoing question, a recurring theme in life?
  • Do you set yourself a goal and then don’t achieve it?
  • There are opportunities at work but you don’t step forward?
  • Why does my team seem to be stuck in the same pattern of behaviours?
  • What do I need to do to develop myself to engage my team?
  • How can I be a better Leader?

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Within you know you have more to contribute yet you hesitate, don’t voice your opinion, the moment passes and the opportunity is missed.

Change is happening in your life or organisation and it challenges who you are and how you see yourself.

At Clarity, first and foremost, we believe that every human being is a unique individual with differing life experiences. These experiences shape and mould who we are, what we believe and how we believe and trust in ourselves and others.

We believe that within every human being is an inner leader. Within us all is an untapped resource that is waiting to unfold.

At Clarity we work with people from all backgrounds: Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Managers, team members, and young adults who are about to embark on their life’s journey.

We meet people where they are now, accepting them for who they are, while challenging them to see different perspectives.

Coaching may be for you, it is a journey in which you begin to achieve a specific goal and when a goal does not exist the outcome may be the goal itself.

We create a partnership in the exploration and discovery,  a journey of self discovery with your executive coach as a guide.

Individual Profiling/360 Feedback (ECR/EQI)/MBTI/DISC

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