About Clarity

Patricia is CEO of Clarity which was formed in 2014. She has a Masters in Business and (Hons) Diploma’s in Executive Coaching and Strategic HR.

She is Head of Professional Developments & Events with the Association of Coaching in Ireland. Patricia has trained as Master Trainer in NLP with Robert Dilts (one of the co-founders of NLP) and she also trained in Collective Intelligence in Teams, Conscious Leadership and Generative Consulting with the Dilts Strategy Group. Patricia has also studied extensively in Systemic Work and systemic dynamics.

She has worked passionately for over 15 years as a Senior Human Resources Executive in the Technology, Financial and Pharma sector. Patricia has been involved and contributed to the strategy of businesses from start up phases through to organisational maturity. Her strength is demonstrated in coaching and mentoring Supervisors and Managers – building trust in their teams, while providing tactical and strategic guidance to Senior Management Teams.

Her goal is to connect the business and it’s people in the delivery of it’s vision, strategy and ultimately it’s success. Patricia achieves this through the promotion of a coaching culture within companies working with individuals to maximize their potential.  The professional/personal development of people managers is delivered through coaching and development programs.


Every entrepreneur begins with a dream, a vision for their product or service. Translating that vision into real business drivers for success are critical to an organisation’s success.

Losing sight of the vision can often lead to organisations stalling in their progress, encountering stumbling blocks.  The initial passion which fuels energy and engages teams can dissipate as it encounters challenges.   Recognizing that tensions between the entrepreneurial/innovative spirit and business drivers can arise and can also be balanced.

Patricia engages with business leaders at all levels of an organisation, working with them to fully articulate their vision for the company, themselves and their teams. This can often mean change within an organisation and working with teams throughout the change process.

Connecting strategic organisational drivers to the company’s strategy and to the people who work within the business is central to what Clarity does.