Coaching for Clarity and Growth

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is the beginning of a journey – an exploration of self

  • What engages and motivates us
  • What de-motivates and disengages us
  • How we manage ourselves and how we react and manage life’s questions

You have opportunities and yet you hesitate, you know you are capable of so much more and yet you hold back.

You are a Leader, others see that and yet you don’t feel a Leader on the inside…

You are a good Leader – others tell you and you see and feel it and yet you know there is much more to understand about yourself and explore.

Sometimes you have a sense you could be more and have no specific question and coaching facilitates the awakening to what that question is.

Or is it simply time to find your goals for yourself…

Coaching is an opportunity to personally develop with your coach as your guide.

Executive Coaching

An experienced leader or new to leadership?

What type of Leader are you – do you know or is this something you would like to explore?

Authenticity is at the heart of Leadership – developing self and being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader are part of authentic Leadership – building and knowing your own Leadership Brand.

Exploring and setting your vision for yourself and your team – making that vision a reality.

Working with an experienced coach you can explore your Leadership style – your areas of strength and areas for development.  Become the Leader you want to be.


Collaborative Intelligence in Teams

Teams at their essence are a collection of individuals delivering an objective. In working together teams develop dynamics and synergies many of which work well. Really connecting and boding a team to achieve beyond what they were formed to deliver is something different, it’s when a team brings 1+1 together to get 3. Collective intelligence facilitates the formation of synergies at a deeper level. Ultimately these synergies give teams additional tools to deal with challenging dynamics while also creating the environment for creativity and innovation. Harnessing the collective intelligence in teams increases the agility ad performance capabilities of a team – really embracing the concept that together is more than the sum of the individual parts of a team.

Patricia facilitates the process in which teams access and harness the Collective Intelligence from within the team. Patricia is a certified facilitator in Collective Intelligence which she studied with the Dilts Strategy Group.

Systemic Work

Systemic Work, the key to finding and take your own unique position in life

Every organisation and family can be seen as a system. A system in which the different individuals that are part of it all interconnected. Systemic Work will reveal the underlying dynamics of the system. What is your position in the system? What information from your family/organisational system have you (subconsciously/unintentional) identified with? How are you controlled by the unprecedented and unintended systemic dynamics that are part of who you are and how do you escape from it? How can you free yourself from old dynamics that no longer work for you?

Systemic Work – the key to effective organisations and teams

We apply the Systemic Work method in many organisations. This method provides a lot of insights into the underlying dynamics of teams. It is also a very powerful method in terms of strengthening relationships and getting rid of old wounds. A constellation (the most familiar method in systemic work) can often say more than a thousand words and can make clear what is needed in a team/organisation or identifies a suitable way forward.