Systemic NLP For Business – NLP Practitioner Program

Systemic NLP Practitioner

To thrive personally and professionally in today’s breakneck world, we have to be more flexible in a fast-changing environment.  We need to be reflective and responsive to all situations.  And, as the rate of change speeds up, we need to adapt even faster.

To manage and achieve this level of flexibility, we have to first understand ourselves – what motivates and engages us and what derails us. Understand when we get stressed and why so we can better manage ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.  Become more resourceful and resilient.

In essence we have to back ourselves. 

Self-awareness leads to performance

If we understand and accept ourselves, we can become more confident and self-assured, responsive rather than reactive. We can then make better decisions, develop our teams and raise the bar on their performance.

The knock-on effect of this process is far-reaching – it allows us to:

  • improve our relationships with key stakeholders
  • connect, listen and truly hear other perspectives
  • lead, mentor and develop those within our system
  • delegate, let go and stretch and grow in our own roles
  • support ourselves successfully through our transition phase

In this Program you will learn to

    • to develop rapport with others and use it to full effect
    • understand your communication and, learning styles vs. those of your colleagues
    • expand your language skills and it’s use as a tool for change
    • build deeper connections with those around you
    • get yourself into high performance states – be at your best in situations which, in the past, would have seemed challenging
    • enhance your performance in those areas where you already excel
    • change unwanted habits and behaviours and replace them with ones that help you move forward
    • understand how others think and connect with them in ways that work for them
    • expand your language skills – learn how to ask key clarifying questions
    • use positive intention to get better results
    • the concept of successful thinking strategies and how it can be applied to any activity
    • set clear and achievable goals to support your growth
    • Quieten internal dialogues-become more congruent


NLP for Business – Master Practitioner

Our NLP Master Practitioner Program offers personal development at a higher level. You will get a deeper understanding of NLP and you will learn many new NLP techniques

Your learning process is central and the Program is built up in such a way that you will achieve quick and visible results. You will learn more about communication and behaviour to enable you get the best from yourself and others.

You will learn about

  • Meta programs & values
  • Presentation techniques & modelling
  • Metaphors
  • Strategies
  • Timeline Techniques
  • Language models
  • Trance Techniques.

Business Training Program – 6 days

This program is aimed at individuals who lead or manage a team enabling them to understand

The role of Vision

  • How to translate vision into strategy and into action
  • Communication – what it is and what is really happening?
  • Change – what it is and how to manage the unmanageable
  • Teams – how to build and hold a team

This program is ideally suited to those who manage people as part of their role.

Collective Intelligence in Teams

You believe in the collective intelligence in teams – the importance of capturing and harnessing the synergy of a team and ultimately the totality of the collective intelligence of a team…

You have a project or team you would like to work with and want to facilitate this process – please contact to find out more.

Systemic Dynamics & Systemic Work

Systemic Work, the key to finding and taking your own unique position in life
Every organisation and family can be seen as a system. A system in which the different individuals that are part of it are all interconnected. Systemic Work will reveal the underlying dynamics of the system. What is your position in the system? What information from your family/organisational system have you (subconsciously/ unintentional) identified with? How are you controlled by unintended systemic dynamics and how do you let them go? How can you free yourself from old dynamics?

Systemic Work, the key to effective organisations and teams

I apply the Systemic Work method in many organisations. This method gives fresh insight into the underlying dynamics in teams, the hidden rules of engagement. It is a very powerful method to strengthen relationships and shift blockages in teams. Working systemically makes clear what is needed in a team/organisation so it can gain momentum and move forward, embracing the future.