Ideally designed for:
Company Executives and Leaders, Business People, Professionals, Coaches and Individuals interested in investing in life-long learning.

Do you want to

  • Develop at a personal level?
  • Gain a better understanding of what makes you who you are and to fully develop yourself?
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness?
  • Enhance your understanding of your (non) verbal communication and behavior and with this understanding choose to modify this to change the impact of your communication?

In the Business Human Neuro Management® – NLP Program you will learn all of these skills

This is an intensive and transformational program where you will learn about your own communication style, gain an understanding of your strategies & what is working for you and what works less well. During this program you will learn coaching skills which can be used in your own life and also when working with or leading others. You will develop insights into change and behavior of people while also developing on a personal level.

Develop your own personal Effectiveness and Inner Leadership

In a safe and stimulating environment you will work on personal development and on developing your own talents. After this program you will have the NLP tools that can be directly applied in various contexts of your work and private life.

Learn how to apply Business Human Neuro Management – NLP in Coaching

Looking to increase your effectiveness as a Coach?

The skills you learn in this BHNM® – NLP program will enhance your understanding of the neurosciences and the ability of all of us to manage ourselves and our personal state and with this understanding increase our own effectiveness and how we interact/impact with others.

BHNM® – NLP Master Practitioner Program

The BHNM – NLP Master Practitioner Program offers personal development at a higher level. You will get a deeper understanding of NLP and you will learn many new NLP techniques

Your learning process is central and the Program is built up in such a way that you will achieve quick and visible results. You will learn more about communication and behaviour to enable you get the best from yourself and others.

You will learn about

  • Meta programs & values
  • Presentation techniques & modelling
  • Metaphors
  • Strategies
  • Timeline Techniques
  • Language models
  • Trance Techniques.

Business Training Program – 6 days

This program is aimed at individuals who lead or manage a team enabling them to understand

The role of Vision

  • How to translate vision into strategy and into action
  • Communication – what it is and what is really happening?
  • Change – what it is and how to manage the unmanageable
  • Teams – how to build and hold a team

This program is ideally suited to those who manage people as part of their role.

Collective Intelligence in Teams

You believe in the collective intelligence in teams – the importance of capturing and harnessing the synergy of a team and ultimately the totality of the collective intelligence of a team…

You have a project or team you would like to work with and want to facilitate this process – please contact to find out more.

SCDM® – Systemic Dynamic Work Method Program

Systemic Work, the key to finding and taking your own unique position in life
Every organisation and family can be seen as a system. A system in which the different individuals that are part of it are all interconnected. Systemic Work will reveal the underlying dynamics of the system. What is your position in the system? What information from your family/organisational system have you (subconsciously/ unintentional) identified with? How are you controlled by the unprecedented and unintended systemic dynamics and how do you escape from it? How can you free yourself from old dynamics?

Systemic Work, the key to effective organisations and teams

We apply the Systemic Work method in many organisations. This method provides a lot of insights into the underlying dynamics of teams. It is also a very powerful method in terms of strengthening relationships and getting rid of old wounds. A constellation (the most familiar method in systemic work) can often say more than a thousand words and can make clear what is needed in a team/organisation or in a suitable way forward.

Professional Systemic Work Programs

In the Professional Systemic Work Programs you will learn how to look at (personal) issues and dynamics with the principles and from a Systemic perspective.

Clarity is affiliated with Bureau Land who developed The SCDM® Method
The SCDM® Method, the Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method is integrated in many of our Systemic Work programs and activities. This method, developed by Bureau Land, sheds light on the dynamics in organisational and family constellations in a simple but effective manner. Bureau Land has years of experience in systemic work for individuals, teams, organisations and family.

Systemic Work Evening

What happens during a Systemic Work Evening?
As a participant in the Systemic Work Evening you can either bring an issue to the table, be a representative in the constellation or be a spectator. Regardless of your role, you will be able to experience how constellations work and see how issues can be solved. During each Constellation / Systemic Work Night we can work with both family and organisational constellation. And you will be able to address all kinds of issues.

The night starts at 19.30 but you are more than welcome from 19.00. Coffee and tea will be ready. The night usually ends at around 22.30.
Would you like to receive more information about the Systemic Work Evening? Feel free to contact us.