Uncertainty Lens

What happens when we use our uncertainty lens?– when we see, hear or feel uncertain about a decision, a pathway, an opportunity…..

Where we don’t have all the information or the result is unknown.

Do we step forward bravely or hesitate, waiver/quiver inside.

Imagine the opticians rooms as you try new glasses – you get to switch the glass lens to see what works for you. One makes things clearer or the other fuzzier.

What if you could pick the lens you use to see uncertainty?

Change the Uncertainty Lens that makes you quiver and anxious inside and maybe even feel stuck, unable to move – to the Certainty Lens where images are sharp and crystal clear, where curiosity and possibility exist.

How would it be to be able to know how you react to uncertainty? to be able to make those unconscious processes conscious. Empowering you to change that lens to a certainty lens with different choices and different outcomes.

Change the impossible to possible
Problems become possibilities

Be curious – explore our BHNM programs
Begin the change
Be the change you want to see

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